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For the eleventh year in a row, Bulgarian companies have the opportunity to show and share their good practices in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions and the best ones to receive well-deserved recognition.

“Annual National Awards for Safety and Health at Work” 2020 is organized by Foundation “Center for safety and health at work with the kind support of Executive Agency “General Labour Inspectorate“ Sofia

The past year has been worrying for all of us. We had to readjust to work in an emergency situation. The insidious virus has turned our whole lives upside down, both personally and professionally.

The main indicator in the evaluation of the winners this year was – The good practices that companies have imposed in the fight against the virus. Special attention was paid to the innovative strategies and projects that the candidates have implemented in the process of work.

Representatives of state institutions, employers and trade unions working in the field of improving safe and healthy working conditions, enterprises from the country, as well as specialists in safety and health at work showed their special support and respect.


The ceremony was opened by Mr Ljupcho Kochovski – Manager of the Center “Safety and Health at Work”


On behalf of the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”, he welcomed
Mrs Rumyana Mihailova – Executive Director.

Mrs Mihailova also presented the greeting of Mr Lazar Lazarov – Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy.



On behalf of the Ministry of Health, a greeting was given by Eng. Slavi Pachalov – Deputy Minister of Health.


The awarded companies were divided into three categories depending on the number of employees in the company at the time of application, as follows:

– Small (up to 50 employees),

– Medium (50 to 250 employees),

– Large (with over 250 employees).

We have broadcast a Special Category “FOR THE FAMILY WITH CARE”, which distinguishes companies that paid special attention to children and their parents during the pandemic.


The first category in which the winners were announced was “Small Enterprises”.

The awards in the category were presented by Eng. Slavi Pachalov – Deputy Minister of Health:

Third Place – Radev and Sons Ltd., Graf Ignatievo



Second place – Citigas Bulgaria JSC, Sofia


First place – Actual Industries Ltd., Branipole


The winners in the category “Medium Enterprises” were awarded by Mr Alexander Zagorov – Confederate Secretary of CL Podkrepa:

Third Place – Port of Burgas JSC, Burgas


Second place – Energo-Pro Bulgaria JSC, Sofia

On behalf of ENERGO-PRO BULGARIA JSC, the award was accepted by Ivan Paliyski – Member of the Management Board of the Foundation “Center for Safety and Health at Work”


First place – Zlatna Panega Cement SA, Zlatna Panega



In the special category “FOR THE FAMILY WITH CARE”, the awards were presented by Mr Stefan Bashev, Manager of the Foundation “Center for Safety and Health at Work”.


Awarded in the category “FOR THE FAMILY WITH CARE” are:



BTC JSC, Sofia

Unfortunately, a representative of the company could not attend in person, but on behalf of BTC EAD Mrs Desislava Vladimirova – Human Resources Specialist joined online via Zoom ( we had provided for everyone else who was not present) to thank the organizers of the event for the recognition.


All nominated companies also received a free voucher for participation in the IV International OSH Conference – “Think positive, but be negative (-)!” .

The conference will be held from 19 to 21.05.2021 in Hotel Samokov, Borovets.


In the “Large Enterprises” category, five companies reached the finals. The Award Committee was extremely difficult due to the huge interest was shown and the equal number of points. In case of results with even points, the Award Committee visits the companies on the spot, but in addition to the Covid measures, the Award Committee decided that there will be two companies in the third and two companies on first place.

The distinguished companies stood out with the introduction of innovative methods in the fight against Covid 19, outside the standard anti-epidemic measures issued by the Ministry of Health.

The awards in the category were presented by Mrs Rumyana Mihaylova – Executive Director of the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”.

Third Place – Wurth Electronic IBE BG Ltd, Belozem


Third Place – EVN Bulgaria Ltd, Plovdiv


Second place – Liebherr-Hausgerete Maritsa Ltd, Radinovo


First place – AES Maritsa East 1 Services Ltd., Galabovo


First place – OSRAM Ltd., Trud