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Training for Safety and health at work in Plovdiv

Foundation CBZR conducted periodic training on safety and health at work under Ordinance № RD-07-2 on the terms and conditions for conducting periodic training and instruction of employees on the rules for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, as well as on Ordinance № 4 for the training of the representatives in the committees and groups on working conditions in the enterprises in the new Conference centre EVMOLPIA Plovdiv, Markovo hall. The new hall provides wonderful opportunities for interactive training and compliance with anti-epidemic measures. It is spacious with a large screen and very good lighting and microclimate.

Part of the training ware employees of different companies like:

– Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD, Plovdiv;

– “Wurt Electronic IBE BG EOOD” Belozem;

– Liebherr-Hausgerete Maritsa EOOD, village of Radinovo.

The objectives of the training were:

  • mastering the methods, forms and means for carrying out the activity on safety and health at work;
  • mastering the basic laws and regulations, norms, rules and measures for safe and healthy work;
  • maintaining the necessary level of knowledge and skills in safety and health at work of employees throughout the period of their employment in accordance with the requirements of the profession.

Presentations were used to illustrate the theoretical material. Demonstrations of appropriate protective equipment were provided by Covid 19. The participants in the training had the opportunity to discuss various topics, to discuss cases related to their specific work. Lecturers in the training were – Blagovesta Karova – OSH expert, FCBZR and Ivan Paliyski – Specialist PPE FCBZR.

To check the acquired knowledge, the participants in the training had to solve an exam test. All participants were given certificates of successful completion of the training course.