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23rd birthday of the OSH club – Plovdiv

On 11.02.2021 we celebrated 23 years since the establishment of the Plovdiv OSH Club, in the Trimontium Hall of the newly opened Evmolpia Conference Center in Plovdiv.

23 years have passed in search of the best way to be mutually useful and the right way to reach out to people, to change the thinking and behaviour in Bulgarian companies in terms of safe and healthy working conditions. 2020 was a worrying year for everyone. We had to readjust to work in an emergency. Anger, pessimism, fear, panic – these were the feelings that ruled us. As life goes on, let’s continue to be careful, to protect each other! But let’s tune in to smiles, a little more beauty, optimism, faith, a more cheerful mood. This is not irresponsible or indecent in this situation, in our opinion. On the contrary – it is immunity, protection, another kind of responsibility. We are glad that we managed to celebrate this important day for all of us, a little unconventional but typical in our style.
Our long-term partners, colleagues, friends and like-minded people were present, to whom we owe gratitude for the strong support over the years, which gave us confidence that we have taken the right path. Our guests were:

Eng. Rumyana Mihailova – Executive Director of the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate” at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Ms Mihailova presented a congratulatory address to Ms Blagovesta Karova – President of Club Plovdiv and to the Specialists in Safety and Health at Work in it.

Eng. Stefan Bashev – Manager of Bultex 99 EOOD. Mr Bashev took us back in time by telling us about the first seminar in Zlatograd 14 years ago. The main goal of this seminar was to promote the idea of ​​safety and health at work among more young professionals in the country. He also told us about the birth of the idea for holding the first Annual National Awards for Safety and Health at Work, which have become a reality thanks to the support of the GIT Executive Agency in the person of Ms Mihaylova. A year after the first Annual National Awards, the Center for Safety and Health at Work was established, which breathes life into our dreams and goals. To leave a legacy for our children to be proud of, to create a culture of Bulgarian enterprises to increase safe working conditions and an environment in which our children can develop and realize.

Mr Atanas Chernaev – Director of the Labor Inspection Directorate, Plovdiv. Mr Chernaev, who knows up close the OSH Club – Plovdiv, offered his congratulations. He wished everyone good health, longevity and many more birthdays, as the numbers on the cake became two or three.

Mrs Dobrina Prodanova – Honorary Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Plovdiv. Ms Prodanova expressed her admiration for the first visit to the newly opened Evmolpia Conference Center. According to her, the long way the club has come is worthy of respect and reminded us that there is still a long way to go. The road will not be easy, given the constantly changing world around us.

Mr Dimitar Tarpov – Director of the Labor Inspection Directorate, Pazardzhik.

Mrs Nevena Kaimakamova – from the Regional Directorate of Labor Inspection.

Among us were the Heads of some of the companies that have supported us the most and assisted us over the years:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Botyo Zaharinov – Head of Agria AD, Plovdiv. Mr Zaharinov presented his congratulations for the great work done by the club. Special congratulations from the entire Management of Agria AD were presented in the form of a wonderful picture to remind us of the comfort that the club brings to all of us.

Eng. Sergey Atanasov – Executive Director of GORUBSO-MADAN AD Madan

The floor was given to some of the first members of the OSH Club – Plovdiv. They expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the club and their mutual love and respect for everything he does. These were:

Dr. Darina Krasteva – STM at KCM Plovdiv. Dr Krasteva presented on behalf of the entire Plovdiv OSH Club, a beautiful picture, a symbol of ancient Plovdiv, for the newly opened conference centre “Evmolpia”.

Mrs Kalina Stoykova – Head of TNBT, OOS, Pub of BAMEX METAL BG EOOD

Mrs Dora Yankova – Ecologist “Liebherr-Hausgerete Maritsa” EOOD

Mr Kiril Tyulev – OSH Coordinator “DOSHA 2018” Ltd. Mr Tyulev surprised us with a musical greeting. The music and lyrics were original.

Colleagues from Club Sofia, Stara Zagora and Kardzhali were among us. As Club Sofia, they presented a special congratulatory card, with which they expressed their gratitude to Club


“Happy 23rd Birthday to the Club, dear Colleagues! Be healthy and happy! Love your work and dare! Do your best to achieve our common goal– safety and health at work! “ Club Sofia

Gift bags were distributed to all guests and three vouchers for a SPA weekend for two at the Alexander Hotel in Zlatograd. The winners were drawn in a pre-prepared raffle.

And as the iconic song says:
“As the years go by – there is no way to stop them and with each one, a new candle is added to our holiday. For our friends, let us raise heavy glasses and take a sip of wine. Let evil forget us, let us be alive, let us be healthy and live a hundred years.

Mrs Katerina Tonova – Manager of Ditex – 13M Ltd., traditionally always provides cakes for the birthdays of the Plovdiv Club and this year surprised us again with its stylish choice.